The Chicago Developer Network was started by Jeremy Abrams and Jhay Basco after they grew disheartened with the apathetic, shotgun approach of most recruiters.

Our values are oriented around ethical sourcing, which prioritizes equitable treatment of clients and members above bloated profit margins.

Our mission is to establish CDN as a compassionate recruiting agency that provides in-depth and uniquely reliable vetting services. Instead of lightly screening hundreds of candidates and sending clients a pile of resumes to review themselves (and then charging an enormous fee for hardly any work), we focus on an array of factors for determining the success of a candidate. Not only do we screen each candidate with senior-level industry experts, but we also review their work ethic, communication style, personal passions, ambitions, and leadership methods (with a thorough background check to top things off).

Our goal is to place members who not only do the job well, but elevate everyone around them while doing it.

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